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The largest and ultra modern shopping centre Zenia Boulevard is a resounding success.

Counseling as an independent broker at notarial transfer only fixed fee of
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Welcome to the website of Spanish Total Services.

We have been selling real estate to the popular Costa Blanka in Spain since 1999, specializing in the area around Torrevieja. Are you looking for a beautiful summer house, apartment / penthouse or luxurious villa in a golf resort with sea view.  Existing homes or new construction? Whatever you’re looking for, Spanish Total Services always has a suitable answer to your living desired, with the best price / quality ration. We provide the entire process: from orientation to purchase and financing, from interior decoration to after sales. We have distinguished ourselves in various aspects over the years. Offering a total service package, from the perspective of local expertise, combined with a Dutch eye for quality and precision.

The best of both cultures. We are proud of the fact that we proceed where others stop. Because, even after the notarial transfer, you can keep counting on our service and expertise. In addition, we work exclusively with the best and most reliable promoters, who have all necessary permits. Checked and double checked by us, in advance, both in terms of financial and legal aspects.  The legal experts we work with, have a keen eye for details. This prevents unpleasant surprises in hindsight. A safe feeling, for you, as a buyer.

Our strength is not just selling you the right house. After all, after the notarial transfer, a new process is initiated; the interior, decoration, installation of air conditioning, the garden and all other relevant issues. With Spanish Total Services you don’t have to be in Spain all the time to check the progress of the construction of your house or deliveries. Because, if desired, we take care of and coordinate the entire process for you! We take care of everything to detail for you and of course, we keep you informed digitally. We provide statements and justification of every action, as transparent as it can be. Once you move into your house, everything will be taken care of, which takes the burden off of you, as a buyer.

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The Costa Blanca is an extremely popular holiday destination for an international market. The WHO has named the Costa Blanca the healthiest area in the world. The average annual temperature is 18 degrees. The natural beauty is extremely diverse, with many idyllic sand beaches, beautiful coves and an extremely efficient infrastructure for tourism. Beautiful cities and villages, plenty of catering, kids’ entertainment, sports facilities and many beautiful golf tracks. The largest shopping mall of the Alicante province, being:: Zenia Boulevard opened its doors in 2012. A true shopping paradise, even if you don’t like shopping. In the near vicinity a theme park is being built that will put Disney World in Paris to shame.

Until 2007, the real estate market at the Costa Blanca was booming, but then it changed. The price level dropped significantly as did the number of real estate sales in all of Spain. However, since 2012, the market has shown clear signs of recovery in terms of the number of houses sold at the Costa Blanca. This is partly caused due to the fact that the promoters adjusted their price level downwards, but also because they have started building more design houses. Of course, Spanish Total Services responds to this new trend. We emphasize on these new projects, mainly given the excellent quality in combination with the extremely competitive pricing. These new projects, also on the golf course and at the beach, are built exclusively on excellent locations. Our motto is: benefit from the current price level quickly. Virtually all economists predict that the prices will start rising soon.

The resale market however, is facing a more difficult time. The sellers are not adjusting to the current price level, meaning that this market is stagnating. The old construction cannot compete with the new design houses. But still, there are great catches to be found in the resale area. Spanish Total Services knows these opportunities like no other.

In the brochure you can download via the right menu on this website, we discuss the most important steps when purchasing your house. On our website, you’ll find extensive information about the current offering, the services we are happy to offer you and in addition it provides insight into our work method. Of course, we are happy to help you on your way in a personal and informal exploratory interview. Sunny Costa Blanca regards. The management of Spanish Total Services.

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Are you looking for a dream home in Spain?

On our website, you’ll find a wide range of new construction projects at excellent locations for competitive prizes. We also are the place to go for an existing home or newly built house on the golf course or at the beach. 

Spanish Total Services is the ultimate Costa Blanca Realtor!


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